SHOCKING! Did Nana Ama McBrown Go To A Fetish Priest For A Child But Refused To Settle The gods After Giving Birth To Maxin?

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One Ghanaian fetish priest, Nana Obaapanta, is alleging that a popular actress came to her shrine begging for a child — but when her wish was granted and got the child, she refused to show appreciation to the gods — and the question is who is this popular actress?


Well, the beautiful fetish priest, Nana Obaapanta, couldn’t get the balls to mention the actress’ name but when the host said it can never be Nana Ama McBrown, the priest asked in shock, “REALLY”? Yeah, so connect the dots and get the actress the fetish priest was talking about in the interview.

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If the actress hasn’t settled these gods who gave her the child, why can’t they show their power and take the child back to wherever he or she came from? The gods are probably afraid of this actress looking at how their mouthpiece Nana Obaapanta couldn’t mention the actress’ name. Ball-less fetish priest!

Watch the interview below…