Shatta Wale explains why he won’t customize his latest Range Rover Vogue and it’s an insult to you

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The abuse of Tramadol and weed doesn’t seem to be done by just the ordinary Ghanaian but some key personalities. Shatta Wale who call himself the king of Ghana’s music but produces nothing is no exception of such people.

He is always busily making useless statement against his country and his so-called fans and this is a typical example of a person who smokes weed.


He sometimes goes to the extent of displaying his d*ck in public and many Ghanaians have associated this behavior to occultism or his ‘excessive’ money being so controlling.

Shatta Wale on his social media handle has stated that he has bought a Range Rover Vogue to boost just 2019 but he won’t customize it because of the “foolishness” of Ghanaians.

According to him some parents haven’t even been able to customize themselves so he sees no essence in customizing his car.


Shatta Wale is gradually losing his sanity and must be helped by the entire nation before it gets worse.

Below is his post.

Check out @shattawalegh’s Tweet:



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