See 5 Businesses Chika Ike Owns That Fetch Her Millions

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Chika Ike is one of the most talented and beautiful Nollywood actresses. She is reaching her peak in her career and is also a very successful woman.

Many people have questioned how she rose from being an average woman to a multi Millionaire.The actress has been in the movie industry for over decades. She has featured in several movies and still does. She is also one of the old actresses who has contributed their quota for the development of the movie industry.

Chika Ike is now a successful businesswoman who is now richer than she used to be. one can’t help but wonder how she moved from a regular earning woman to a millionaire. Well. the actress has 5 Businesses that fetch her enough money to live a lavish life.

1. Chika Cosmetics

Author of a book titled “Boss Up”

Real Estate– Chika Ike runs a real estate company called Fancy.

Producer/Actress – Chika Ike had always been know to be an actress. She’s been acting for quite a number of years until she started her own production of movies.

Flip Scripts

Flip script is a film production owned by Chika Ike. Her company is into film production, content creation, film equipment rentals, digital marketing and many others.