#SaveOurData campaign makes no sense; who is forcing you to live in East Legon when Lapaz is cheap?

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The headline already summarises all.

We joke too much in this country. No single mobile network in Ghana is enjoying monopoly; we have four of them. If your network data cost is extremely high, who is forcing you to be on?


Some mobile networks charge ridiculously for internet bundles, and I’m still in shock why people still use them. Who lied to you that internet in Ghana is expensive? Have you tried Glo? AirtelTigo? What about Vodafone? OR these are not networks?

There are options. We only fight back when there’s no option.

Why should I be campaigning for a reduction in rent at East Legon when no one is forcing me to live there? What happened to the cheap rooms at Lapaz?


We are always fast to compare ourselves to other countries. Why don’t you say those countries have legalised gay marriage and we should do the same?

Bro, change your network if you are not cool with what you are on and let’s use our time to support a more worthy cause.


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