Sad Story of How Actress Gloria Sarfo Dated Her Cousin and Lost Him to Death

Gloria Osei Sarfo is an actress and television presenter. Gloria began her acting career in Ghana in the early 2000s where she starred in Revele Films’ Hotel Saint James. Her fantastic performance in the movie gained her fame and popularity, laying the foundation for the actress to pick up the role of Nana Ama in the famous Ghanaian television series, Efiewura. From Efiewura, her fame knew no boundaries, the actress starred in other movies like Friday Night (2008), Friday Night 2 (2008), The Most Beautiful Hour (2012), Akwaaba (film), Living with Trisha, Perfect Picture: 10 Years Later, and Somewhere in Africa.

Gloria won Best Supporting Actress at the 2020 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards and has had two nominations in the City Peoples Entertainment Awards in Nigeria.

Gloria Sarfo

The actress may have willingly or unknowingly dated her cousin. It is not a crime to date a cousin, but the Ghanaian culture frowns on sexual relations among people in the same family, even if it’s an extended family.

Gloria found herself dating his cousin, something which could have probably led to marriage. Their love story started in 2014 when Justice Dankwa, a medical student in the United States, proposed love to Gloria. Justice proposed to Gloria during the 2014 Kumawood Movie Awards in Kumasi. The two made headlines and Ghanaians were in hopeful to hear the wedding bells ring. Justice promised to marry the actress and even gave her a promise ring in public.

Something is believed to have happened to their relationship along the way as Justice took back his promise ring. But that did not end their relationship. They sorted whatever problem it was and continued their beautiful relationship.

Sadly, Justice fell ill during one of his visits to Ghana and lost his life to death. Gloria took to social media to eulogise him. She wrote:

“Good Morning Family, I’m so grateful for your support yesterday. Thanks y’all for the messages and phone calls. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend to all the calls and messages. My cousin, a medical student in the US, was in Ghana on holiday, lodging at the Golden Tulip, yesterday morning complained of chest pains. He was rushed to the 37 military hospital, he, in the medical field suspected what could be wrong, so immediately he got to the hospital, he went straight to the nurses and said, “please I’m dying, I can breathe properly, I need oxygen please”. He was told there was no oxygen. He kept screaming, “meewu o! Meewu o! Mep3 oxygen!” There was no oxygen! According to the driver from Golden Tulip who sent him there, he sat down for 10 minutes without oxygen. So there was another patient who had an oxygen mask on, they took the oxygen from him and gave it to my cousin. He passed away after 4 minutes. The other patient also passed. I saw both of them in the cold room. It is hard for a prominent young man to die. He had a lot of ambitions. He was an organist, a musician, a pharmacist, a soldier in the US Army and a medical student. Nana Wusu, due wate! Kos3! Nyame nfa wo kra nsie! We’ll miss your smiles and laughter… I still remember your tiny eyes when you laugh… Nana Dankwa”

Gloria Sarfo and the late Justice

It was after the death of Justice Nana Dankwa at the 37 Military Hospital that the world got to know he and Gloria were related as the actress took to her Facebook page to confirm and explain the situations surrounding his death. In her post, the actress referred to Justice Nana Dankwa as “Cousin”.

Gloria also confirmed in an interview with Delay on the Delay Show that indeed Justice was her cousin, and that she has dated her cousin.

The situations and circumstances surrounding the death of Justice Nana Dankwa have made many argue that the death of Gloria Sarfo’s ex-lover was as a result of the negligence of the 37 Military Hospital as the deceased upon arrival at the hospital had requested for oxygen many times to aid him with breathing as he couldn’t breathe properly. It was a sorrowful moment for Gloria, the family and friends to lose a loved one because of the unavailability of oxygen.

There are pictures of the actress and colleague actor Micky Osei Berko popularly known as Dada Boat, making rounds on the internet. Still, it is currently not confirmed if the images are from an upcoming movie or they are really in love and getting married.