Cabum (Left) And Rocky Dawuni(Right)

Ghana’s sensational US-based reggae artist, song writer and record producer, Rocky Dawuni, in an interview on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz with Andy Dosty, debunked the claims by Cabum that he used his father’s intellectual property without duly taking permission or going through the right process.

The son of Legendary Alhaji K. Frimpong of “Kyenkyen Bi Adi M’awu” fame, Frank Kwame Gyasi-Frimpong, known in the Ghanaian music industry as Cabum, recently attacked Rocky Dawuni and Ghana’s Music industry for sitting unconcerned while Rocky uses his father’s work without due permission in his new “Beats of Zion” album.


Rocky however finds Cabum’s accusations and claims as unfortunate when he first saw the publication.

According to the “Hymns For The Rebel Soul” hitmaker, he rather did a remake of the “Kyenkyen Bi Adi M’awu” on which he featured Sarkodie, Ghana’s finest rapper, and not a sampling as Cabum claimed which are very different.
“Well, it’s a remake. There’s a difference between when you license a song and when a song is a sample or when you remake a song. You can remake a Bob Marley song”.

“The most important thing is that when you remake the song you have to make sure that all the [mechanicals] in publishing, such as the right publisher, are plugged into the system or are attended to when the song is done”, he clarified.


He further said, “And so all of that stuff have been taken care of and registered through my channel. I spent time in America where there’s a system to put that in and we have organizations here who are signatories to that. So, when I plug the thing into the system, it goes through the system and every person that anything is due is protected. I have actually reached out to the family and have even told them of my intentions to help them set a direct account so that whatever is due them will go through”.

He however said all these were done after the song was made as it’s in order as far as you plug in the mechanicals for all who are due something to duly get it without contacting anybody.

Rocky also posited that, he remade Alhaji’s song as a form of respect and appreciation to the great man as he was gifted to record a song of his choice in one of the most costly studios in America, The Village Studios, and rather chose the legend’s song over his. According to him, it was nothing more than showing respect and appreciation to the man as he, Rocky, was a Grammy Nominee and won’t need someone’s song to hype himself. Moreover, all that Cabum spoke of had been catered for before those accusations.



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