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REVEALED: ‘Strika’ is the reason Abraham Attah doesn’t want to star in Ghanaian movies

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America-based Ghanaian actor, Abraham Attah said few days ago that he will be willing to star in local movies only if they have a future.

Abraham Attah’s statement on the “Atuu” show with Abeiku Santana was taken literally until today that his co-actor Strika was spotted begging in the streets of Accra.


It’s evident that “Gollywood” is much interested in featuring Abraham Attah who has won several international awards and had further grooming in Hollywood than Strika who could equally be groomed to become a good actor.

Strika has since been forgotten by the local industry and perhaps everyone is waiting for him to climb the ladder further before granting him roles in the local movies.

Abraham Attah could have suffered the same fate of Strika if not the opportunity he had to school in the United States.


Though Strika is reported to have received $30,000 for his role in ‘Beasts of No Nation’, further nurturing by players in Ghanaian Film industry would have saved the young actor from this unfortunate situation.

Ghana is known to be ending careers and killing talents of its citizens. Several footballers have regretted ever playing for Ghana which prevents them from playing for other countries. So Attah’s wish of not becoming ‘Strika’ or have his talent destroyed in Ghana could be a major reason he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the local movie industry.


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