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Revealed: How 94 MPs were blackmailed into endorsing Mahama

Investigations conducted by your most credible news website, suggest that a majority of the ninety-four National Democratic Congress (NDC) MPs who endorsed former President John Mahama to lead the party again in the 2020 elections were blackmailed and coerced into doing so.

According to deep reports within the biggest opposition party, most of the 94 MPs who wrote their names and signed as part of the group of NDC MPs backing Mahama did so out of the fear that they may lose their seats if they refuse to back the former president.

As uncovered by our investigations, most of the MPs had fears that should they refuse to back the former president it was very likely that they would lose their seats during internal primaries to elect parliamentary candidates. This was because Mahama had the backing of most of constituency party executives who in turn have lot of influence in the party’s internal parliamentary candidate elections, hence a decision not to back Mahama could incur the wrath of constituency executives and cost MPs their seats in primaries.

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It was this fear and blackmail of losing seats that compelled 94 out of the 106 MPs to publicly endorse and throw their weight behind the former president so as to not to incur the wrath of their constituency executives even though some of them may not be in support of the former president’s candidature.

In fact, the only MP who has declared his support for Alban Bagbin, Mr. Joseph Bipoba Naabu, MP for Yunyoo Constituency has on many occasions admitted that his decision not to support Mahama may cost him his seat as he is aware his constituency executives may not take too kindly to his choice, but said he was willing to lose his seat if that is the price he has to pay for supporting Alban Bagbin.

Monitoring political discussions on television and radio, a couple of NDC communicators also admitted to this by revealing that the few MPs who did not endorse Mahama may become unpopular among their constituency executives which could lead to the MPs losing their parliamentary primaries when the time is due.

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