Stonebwoy and Nana Appiah Mensah
Stonebwoy and Nana Appiah Mensah

The last couple of days have been filled with rumours of Dancehall artist, Stonebwoy trying to force his way out of Zylofon Music, the label he is signed onto. This has raised eyebrows and Ghanaians have begun questioning what could have gone wrong for the once beautiful union of Stonebwoy and Zylofon Music. In truth, this latest rumour of Stonebwoy wanting to leave Zylofon Media does not come as a surprise to many industry insiders.

In fact for a couple of months now, loyal fans Of Stonebwoy for some unknown reasons have been advocating on social media for their artiste to leave the label. And a couple of weeks later, the rumours are spreading like wild fire that Stonebwoy indeed has his heart set on leaving the label.


As we always do at, in this article, we take a critical look at several reasons that perhaps could influence the Dancehall artiste to seek pastures elsewhere and continue his blossoming career.

Now let’s start with the issue of Shatta Wale coming on board Zylofon Music. Ever since his rival, Shatta Wale was signed onto the label, industry players have over and over again predicted that it was only a matter of time before Stonebwoy makes a decision to opt out of the Zylofon Media deal. Music lovers and entertainment pundits expressed their disapproval of Nana Appiah Mensah’s decision to sign Shatta Wale and have the two biggest Dancehall rival artistes on one label. Many thought it was a bad decision because of the consequences it could have on the label.

Stonebwoy is not one who is afraid of competition. This is an artiste who is doing all he can to rub shoulders with international dancehall artistes on the international stage but for him to be joined by the very same person he is on a musical warpath with on the local scene might be too much to take. Stonebwoy has been extremely matured in the last couple of weeks, even going ahead to congratulate his arch-nemesis on joining him at Zylofon Media but in truth that sounded more like a way watering down the brewing rumours that he was unhappy with the deal. Deep down, Stonebwoy is very much aware that the only thing standing between him and his legacy as the best dancehall artiste Ghana has ever produced is Shatta Wale, and two kings he knows cannot be in the same ship as Zylofon Music is trying so hard to do.


Ever since Shatta Wale was unveiled, everything related to Zylofon Music has largely been about Shatta Wale. From organizing a huge presser to unveil Shatta Wale to Nana Appiah Mensah reportedly buying a luxurious car that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for Shatta Wale. It was even reported that Shatta Wale was paid a whopping one and half million dollars as part of the deal. All these might have gotten Stonebwoy to rethink where he stands at Zylofon Music. Prior to the signing of Shatta Wale, among all the signed artistes, he was regarded as the main project and biggest earner but with the arrival of Shatta Wale and all the rumoured juicy packages, does he still consider himself as the main project under the label? Or it is now Shatta Wale? Stonebwoy is no walkover, he has surely asked himself these questions and come to the conclusion that Zylofon Music has not lived up to their promise and kept their end of the bargain which pledged to make him the label’s main project. With Shatta Wale on board now, it seems his projects carry a priority over Stonenwoy’s, prompting him to take the decision of leaving the label.

Stonebwoy is one of the smartest artistes you will ever find. He understands the business of music and as well knows the importance of his fanbase. From the onset when Shatta Wale was unveiled as the new signee of Zylofon Media, fans of Stonebwoy have been advocating strongly for him to leave the label, insisting that the signing of Shatta Wale and the colourful ceremony held by Zylofon to unveil him was a sign of disrespect to their artiste. Head of Public Relations for the label, Sammuel Baah, known in showbiz as Sammy Flex, had to publicly issue an apology to Stonebwoy and his fans for the gigantic unveiling ceremony held for Shatta Wale. However this has still not been able to appease fans of Stonebwoy and the calls for him to ditch the label has become more louder and deafening.

Another reason why Stonebwoy may want to leave Zylofon Media has to do with the enmity between him and record label mate, Shatta Wale. Even though Shatta Wale has over the last couple of months, prior to him joining Zylofon, tried to make amends with Stonebwoy, the enmity between them is far from over. For a while, it all appeared to be good between them as they kept giving shout-out to each other on twitter and even congratulating each other when one chalks an achievement worthy of recognition. However all was brought to bear when The Don of Hitz FM interviewed Stonebwoy. In the interview, Stonebwoy criticized Shatta Wale for saying that he will burn down churches by December. Stonebwoy went ahead to describe Shatta Wale’s utterances as “Disrespectful”, indicating that all was not so well between them. What made this more evidenced was when Stonebwoy was questioned on why he does not promote Zylofon Media on his social media pages like Shatta Wale does. Stonebwoy took an exception to the query and questioned The Don if that was part of the contract he signed with Zylofon media. When asked to give his last words for the interview before getting off the line, Stonebwoy to the surprise of listeners nearly forgot to send out shout-out or greetings to Zylofon Media, all he did was send a message and greetings to his loyal fans and stressing on BHIM Nation severally.


This is a clear indication that Stonebwoy has a problem with the label, with his feud with Shatta Wale being the cause and if ever he decides to leave the label, it will be a major reason why he chose to opt out.

These compelling reasons and turn of events have made Stonebwoy’s exit from Zylofon Music, inevitable and only a matter of time. For now, they are only rumours, just like how Shatta Wale’s Zylofon deal begun as a rumour before eventually coming to the fore.


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