In countries like Brazil, prostitution or the acts of trading sex for cash is allowed. It was no wonder that in the 2006 Brazil world, as a side attraction, Brazilian prostitutes took to their social media to publicize their services. In the Netherlands, however, prostitution is allowed so the government can control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, protect the human right of prostitutes, and generate tax from their activities.

However, the situation is extremely different in Ghana. The Criminal Offense Act frowns on the act of selling sex or trading sex for cash popularly referred to as Ashawo in Ghana. However, regardless of Ghana’s strict laws on prostitution, the trade continues to grow and spread across nationwide.


Research studies have it that, prostitution in Ghana is largely dominated by foreigners, as most police raids in brothel homes have revealed that most of the arrested ladies are from Nigeria, Togo and Ivory Coast.

For the fear of contracting the deadly disease coronavirus, most of these prostitutes went out of business as means of observing social distancing to protect themselves of the virus. However, it seems to them the fight against the virus isn’t ending anytime soon and as such they have to take risks and return to business. A check at some of the joints revealed low patronage of their services and this has compelled them to reduce their charges. Some are charging as low as GHS5 while those who used to take thousands are taking GHS300 to GHS500.


I managed to talk to some of them at their various joints to get their latest prices. Here is a list of their joints in Accra and the charges:

Circle Railway lines – GH¢ 5 to GH¢ 10

Lapaz Abrati3 Spots – GH¢ 10 to GH¢ 15


Riscos – GH¢ 7 to GH¢ 10

Ashaiman behind the police station also known as 18 or Tsinaagbe – GH¢ 10

Sakumono Titanic beach – GH¢ 15

Tema Com.7 – GH¢ 300 to GH¢ 500

Tema Com.1 – GH¢ 10 to GH¢ 15

Nungua Washing Bay(Abrefi) – GH¢ 15 to GH¢ 20

Nungua Katamanton(Italian Boys) – GH¢ 15 to GH¢ 20

Teshie Twibl3oo – GH¢ 10 and GH¢ 25

Labadi Township (maamli) abese – GH¢ 8 to GH¢ 10

Osu Castle road – GH¢ 15

Accra Rawlings park – GH¢ 8 to GH¢ 10

Circle Obra spots area – GH¢ 10 GH¢ 50

Cantonment – GH¢ 100 to GH¢ 200 (Dadabee Ashawos)

Madina – GH¢ 15 to GH¢ 50

Spintex Kotobabi – GH¢ 20


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