Prophet Kumchacha reacts to people who mock his spoken English

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Nicholas Osei popularly known as Prophet Kumchaha has finally responded to people who mock his spoken English.

According to him, he never got the opportunity to step foot into a classroom and yet, he is able to put a few English words together to make sense.


In an interview with Rev Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9 FM’s NsemPii he said, “I never got the chance to step into a classroom not even class one. So if you hear me speaking English and you mock me it is your own problem”.

He furthered that he is also not ashamed to publicly announce that he never went to school because he is still learning and hopes to make improvement soon.

Prophet Kumchacha told listeners, “just remember, today might be your day but tomorrow will be for me Kumchaha so you can continue mocking me”.