EXCLUSIVE: Prophet Kofi Danso doesn’t own a private jet, neither did he receive one as a birthday gift

Kofi Danso and Rented Private Jet
Kofi Danso in the Rented Private Jet

Prophet Martin Kofi Danso of Miracle Arena For All Nations in Canada, doesn’t own a private jet as he claims and uses as testimonies in his sermons, Asembi.com can authoritatively report.

A source close to the Canada-based Ghanaian preacher told Asembi.com that the said private jet which the preacher claimed to have receive as a birthday present was rented by him and his friend Prophet Brian Carn for their travels.

Kofi Danso and Rented Private Jet
Kofi Danso and Rented Private Jet

Reliable information gathered by Asembi.com have it that, just three months after Kofi Danso claimed to have receive a private jet as a gift, the leasing company, Business Aircraft Leasing sued him along with Prophet Brian Carn for more than $716,000 in rent charges owed it for the bootleg flights they’ve had with the jet.

In a lawsuit filed in a U.S. District Court in July 2016, Brian Carn and Martin Kofi Danso, who claims a “unique prophetic gift” signed a three-year lease for a midsize business jet in September 2015 subject to monthly payments. Unable to honour the monthly payments, the prophets amended the lease with a new payment schedule backed by personal guaranties.

Despite suggesting their own payment terms, the prophets skipped four monthly $18,000 payments, having paid only $20,000 of the $30,000 make-whole payment from the earlier defaults and having failed to pay $72,191.70 for engine reserves.

The aircraft has since been retrieved from the preachers after an extensive internal investigation and a crisscrossing chase across the eastern United States.

Both Brian Carn and kofi Danso have been accused of sleeping with women in their churches.

Prophet Brian Carn
Prophet Brian Carn

According Musician Minister Pierre Whitlow, Prophet Brian hired him as the Music Director of KCC (Kingdom City Church) and relocated him and his family to Jacksonville, Florida and had sex with his wife while he traveled home to get his children. Brian Carn called Pierre’s wife and told her that he “felt her heavy in his spirit” and the he needed to stop by her apartment and pray with her immediately.

She didn’t suspect Brian Carn because he was paying for their apartment as a part of Pierre Whitlow’s contract. Brian Carn arrived at Pierre Whitlow’s apartment while their little daughter was asleep in an adjacent room, Brian Carn’s “prayer” turned into groping and then sex.

A DNA test revealed Martin Kofi Danso as the father of a six month old boy born by Chris-Ann Bartley, a former member of his church. According to a report by The Star, Danso was identified as the boy’s father after Bartley’s attorney, Theodora Oprea announced the DNA test result at a court hearing.

Prophet Kofi Danso is currently locked in a paternity case with Bartley over the paternity of her six month old child.Story/Article by Asembi.com. Republishing is permitted only with appropriate crediting by linking back to this original article.

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