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Prophecies fulfilled as Mmebusem’s career comes to an abrupt end

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Popular Kumawood actor Mmebusem has from the latter part of 2019 come under intense criticism and scrutiny for his popular funny skits, “Ghana Jesus”. For those who are unaware of the Ghana Jesus series, the concept first appeared on the Ghanaian screen when producer and director of the “Boys Abre” series decided to cast Mmebusem as a replica of Jesus Christ.

In the series, Mmebusem wore the classical and traditional robe worn by Jesus Christ in the Christ movies, matched with a red waistcloth. Months after the boys abre series became a household name in Ghanaian comedy, Mmebusem decided to break away from the boys abre team and form his own series named “Ghana Jesus”. After this act of betrayal, many people prophesied the end of Mmebusem’s Ghana series and career.



Here are some prophecies that have been fulfilled.

The Salinko Prophesy and Curse

The breaking away and the stealing of Salinko’s Ghana Jesus concept led to a fierce and prolong confrontation between the two kumawood big shots. After several cautioning and warnings to stop Mmebusem from using the Ghana Jesus concept fell on deaf ears, rumours are that Salinko cautioned to settle the matter at a shrine. The actor, Salinko has been heard on numerous media platforms predicting the end of the Ghana Jesus Series and the end of Mmebusem’s career.  Some months down the line, the patronage of the Ghana Jesus has dwindled drastically. Rumours also have it that, movie producers and directors are refusing to cast Mmebusem.

Doom Prophecies from Christian leaders

The Ghana Jesus comic skirt did not sit well with many Christians as they described the series as making a mockery of Jesus Christ and Christianity. Most pastors and Christians took to social media to remind Mmebusem of the repercussions of his actions, but the actor did not hear of it. Popular among some Christians who questioned and warned Mmebusem is Prophet Obrempong. According to the pastor of Dominion Prayer Battalions, Mmebusem will go blind and die if he does not put a stop to his comic skits about Jesus. Although Mmebusem is still alive and can see, a lot of people believe that the prophecy has taken a toll on his career as nothing seems to be moving on for Mmebusem.