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‘Prof Wallace’ exposes Ghana FA Vetting Committee over bogus Wilfred Osei disqualification

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Sports Journalist Enoch ‘Professor Wallace’ Worlanyo has explained why the Ghana FA Vetting Committee goofed in disqualifying presidential aspirant Wilfred ‘Palmer’ Osei.

Last week, the Tema Youth owner was told his application was unsuccessful because he breached Article 33 (5) (c) of the GFA General Regulations.


Thus, his club’s refusal to pay Joseph Paintsil 10 percent commission on his transfer to the FA and his statements on unclassified payments

But Wallace, who works for Accra-based Asempa FM, has painstakingly researched and found out that the committee did a hatchet job in barring the Osei from standing as president of the Ghana Football Association.

1. If Tema Youth are owing GFA, are they [vetting committee] saying as a result of that Palmer is not qualified to be the FA president? How does this bother on ethical issues?


2. If somebody owes you, does that mean he/she doesn’t have integrity?

3. First of all, the percentage they are asking, rules and regulations of FIFA frowns on it. Article 9 of FIFA status clearly states that.

4. In our own laws also, the ITC was not issued by our own Ghana Football Association.


5. We can put on authority that the ITC was never ever issued by the Ghana Football Association; as at the time Joseph Painstil transferred, the window in Ghana was closed at that time. If your window is closed, no association can issue an ITC; so Tema Youth asked the Hungarian FA to issue the ITC.

6. With our own laws, RS64 that when you lone a player by a letter of consent, you the owner of a player can ask the loanee to transfer the player to a third party and this was upon Tema Youth’s consent.

7. So it is the Hungarian FA that transferred the boy to Genk (Belgium), and the reason is very simple; FIFA article tells us clearly that if you finish with your contract, you remain as a registered player of that particular association for 30 months.

8. So even though Joseph Painstil had completed his contract, he still remained a member or a player of the Hungarian FA for 30 solid months.

9. So the right to transfer the player is the sole prerogative of the Hungarian Football Association and not the Ghana Football Association. This is because the Ghanaian window was closed

10. With regards to the ethics committee issue, he [Palmer] was invited to help assist in an investigation, nobody cited him for misconduct or him to come and answer any question.

11. So how can somebody who is coming to help assist in an investigation now turn out to be a victim?

12.When he [Palmer] went to the Dzamefe Commission, didn’t they made mention of unclassified payment? So how on earth will somebody hold that it’s Palmer who has brought unclassified payment. Did he say that Ghana should pay bribe?

13. The ethics committee’s ruling is there for verification, why can’t we just be fair in all these?