PRO Of Prisons Service Reveals Why Akuapem Poloo Could Spend 60 Days In Prison Instead Of 90 Days

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The Public Relations Officer of Prisons Service, Courage Atsem, has explained why Akuapem Poloo could spend 60 days in prison instead of 90 days.


According to Courage Atsem, Akuapem Poloo could spend 60 days on a condition that she puts up good behaviour while serving her term in prison.

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Here is what Courage Atsem said;

“There is what we call one-third remission and some offences qualify one to be given one-third remission of the sentence. What this means is that, if your offence is the type that qualifies you to be given one-third remission then your total sentence is computed and a third of it is deducted and you do the two-third.


So, for instance, if you say three months, then quickly if you do the calculator, one-third of it would be a month out of three months. So, it means that if your offence is the type that qualifies you to be granted one-third remission then you will be doing two-thirds of the total sentence of what you referred to as the prisons calendars.

The point is, those offences that do not attract one-third remission are what we term as the first-degree felony, so once it is not a first-degree felony, and it falls under misdemeanour, then the probability that you qualified for one-third remission is high.

There is some that are earned on good conduct and service industry.

The officer in charge or the Director-General of Prisons has the rights to withhold that remission that you are entitled to if you do not conduct yourself properly or you do not show service industry while in custody.

She can qualify for the one-third remission if she puts up the good behaviour. Going by that means that she (Akuapem Poloo) will serve 60 days out of 90 days”.


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