Princess Shyngle’s waist has moved from sexy to scary in this new photo

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Princess Shyngle’s waist is now causing fear and panic than for it to be alluring, as it has reached a near breaking point, leaving some observers worried.

The Gambian actress, who currently lives between Ghana and Nigeria, is known for her curvaceous figure, which she says she has acquired it from years of waist training.


Therefore, it doesn’t come as a much shock if she flaunts her slim waist, however, this new photo of Shyngle has left fans surprised as her waist looks slimmer now than ever.

The actress posted the photo on her Instagram page and within 4 hours, it has gathered over thirteen thousand likes with over eight hundred comments of mixed reaction to the photo.

See the screenshot below of some of the reactions to Princess Shyngle’s new waist photo and tell us what you think.



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