Prince David Osei Posts His Wife On Instagram And Blocks His Followers From Commenting On The Photo – Is Dude Hiding Something?

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Since social media is full of savages, trolls, gossips and sh*t-talking, Prince David Osei posted a photo of himself and his wife and immediately blocked the comment section.


The question is why did he block the comment section? Well, he blocked everyone’s chance of even wishing him well in his marriage and this particular post is likely to be deleted in a few days to come.

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Prince David Osei isn’t someone who flaunts his wife on Instagram regularly so what kicked into his head to post her this time around? Is he done with the side-chicks or he’s just tired with them?


18 years of friendship with his wife is worth celebrating but blocking the comment section to prevent people from commenting could mean that he’s got something fishy under his sleeves.

Here is what he wrote;

“The only person in the world, who understands me and know where I am going! God bless you for having my back always Wiffy ❤️.. 18years of friendship and still counting”.