Pamela Odame Watara

The glitz and glamour of being a celebrity have got many doing stuff that ordinarily, they wouldn’t do. It is a generally accepted ideology that one must not despise his humble beginnings. However, the fame which goes along with being a celebrity sometimes makes some of these celebrities to move away from where they began in order to show that indeed, they have been blessed.

After all, the essence of the sleepless nights, determination, commitment and grit is to ensure that one is more comfortable, isn’t it?


When you grew up in an environment where tarred roads weren’t readily available and you “fight your demons” to emerge a star, you’ll definitely feel that you owe yourself some level of comfort. Some criticize these celebrities for spending unnecessarily, but the bottom line is that the lifestyle of a star shouldn’t really matter especially if the person isn’t faking it and they are being true to themself.

Do you know why most of the rich people spend a lot of money to put their children into D-BEE schools? Have you ever heard of social capital? There’s a new order which looks at the number of influential persons that are available to a particular person at a particular time. Some refer to it as network.

So back to the issue of rich people and their rich kids. It’s not only for the comfort of their wards that most of these wealthy parents spend lots of cash to enrol their children in prestigious schools. What happens is that these same rich kids who meet in the prestigious schools establish lifelong contacts. The lifelong contacts established is the social capital they create which in the near future, makes them become very powerful.


However, in the case of the kids of the have not’s, the struggle mostly continues because they are unable to establish relationships with a lot of people who in the near future, will become highly influential. Life is a bit weird. Sometimes, the most brilliant kids do not necessarily become brilliant at life, and one of the critical reasons for such an occurrence is the lack of social capital.

Why do people choose to live in plush and better still, more glamorous surroundings? I guess it’s now crystal clear. Celebrities need to remain connected in order to continue being relevant, and so the need for the trips to lands which are said to be flowing with milk and honey.

Here, we look at some of our celebrities who have moved from the hinterlands to settle at East Legon, one of the plushest cities and the most prestigious address in Accra, and Ghana as a whole.


Samuel Osei Kuffour

The former Bayern Munich FC and Black Stars defender is one of the numerous celebrities who reside in East Legon. He won the 2001 Champions League with Bayern Munich and on the national scene, is one of the finest defenders the nation has ever produced.

Stephen Appiah

The former Juventus FC, Fenerbache and Black Stars skipper also resides in East Legon. He is largely regarded as the best captain the Ghanaian national team has ever had. In Europe, he enjoyed a stellar playing career, and he also led the Black Stars to its first qualification for the FIFA World Cup in 2006.

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale's house
Shatta Wale’s house

The controversial and outspoken dancehall artiste also resides in a plush mansion at East Legon. He claimed in an interview with Doctor Cann on Happy FM that he owns three mansions in East Legon.


LOL! I’m sure you were definitely expecting him to be in the list. He moved to Adjringanor in 2017. Adjiringanor is also considered as part of East Legon. He shares wall with ex-Blackstar defender John Painstil.


Medikal also owns a plush house in East Legon. The rapper, also known as MDK moved to East Legon in 2019.

Abedi Pele

Abedi Ayew Pele, the former Olympique Marseille FC star settled in East Legon after his impressive playing career was over. He is also largely regarded as the most skilful player to have ever played for the Black Stars. He has an area in East Legon named after him.

Other celebrities like John Painstil, Andre Ayew, Jordan Ayew, Kennedy Agyapong and the heavily endowed Pamela Odame Watara also reside at East Legon. The of celebrities are unending.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that East Legon is metamorphosing into not only the hood of the rich but also, the home of the famous.

It’s our own version of Silicon Valley, or ‘I dey lie’?


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