Pope Skinny Reveals Identity Of Person Caught in the D*ick Sucking Brouhaha With Shatta Wale

Months ago, a video shared on Shatta Wale’s  snapchat had him and one friend which  many suggested  to be Pope Skinny receiving a hot blowjob simultaneously from an unidentified lady.

The barbaric act had people all over the country and entertainment enthusiasts  condemning in no uncertain terms but Pope Skinny barked back to say he and Shatta Wale have been receiving blowjobs everyday and that this shouldn’t be a surprise at all to Ghanaians.

Pope Skinny has been revealing deep secrets on snapchat  following  a breakdown in their friendship and has finally revealed that he was not the person seen with Shatta Wale receiving that blowjob in the snapchat video..

On who the real identity of the person, Pope Skinny wrote “I wont mention his name because that guy has also been through a lot in Shatta Wale’s hands. He also stopped following you.”

He also reveled that Shatta Wale intentionally made the girl do that and finally released that video just because he wanted the thunder fire song to trend.

See the screenshot below.

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