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Police officer caught on camera taking bribe

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An unidentified policeman has been caught on camera taking bribe from young boys who are alleged to be criminals.

In a video gone viral on social media, the policeman could be seen boasting of freeing criminals who were arrested by his colleagues during operations on the basis of receiving cash from them.


He added that, he’s got numerous ways of helping criminals operate without being tormented by the police service.

Admitting that the attitude of taking money from civilians not the right thing to do, he however, took the money being offered him.

Upon receiving a huge sum of money from the criminals, he stated that, he would do the counting of the money in the house since he would have the luxury of time to count and check whether or not the money is up to.


He also mentioned one Constable Eshun who is also noted for allowing criminals to operate so he can take his due after their operations.

Watch the video below: