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PHOTOS: Wild Photos Of Criss Waddle’s Ex-girlfriend Who’s Currently Dating Ernest Opoku

Criss Waddle’s ex-girlfriend Mary Waddle aka Yaa Baby Hipsy is back in the news again after a year and some months of attempting to commit suicide when Waddle dumped her but she’s said in a fresh interview that, she faked the whole thing.

Although Waddle said in an interview in the past that, he never dated her and that she was just a random fan who wanted to take a picture with him, Yaa Baby still insists they’ve dated before.

Well, she’s moved on and has found someone handling her and in an interview, she confirmed rumours that the said person is Ernest Opoku when she sang one of his songs in the interview and also wished him with a romantic birthday message today, February 7, 2019, on her Instagram.

Other sources who also told us in emails that, they’ve been dating for over a year now but wanted to keep things on the low, but now its out and we hope, it doesn’t become a reason Ernest dumps her.

So Yaa Baby who was 19 years in 2017 is now almost 21 and she’s changed since the last time we saw her pictures online.

See the photos below.

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