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Photos: Huge tree crushes two vehicles at East Legon

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A huge tree at the intersection opposite the East Legon KFC in Accra has fallen on two cars during a rainstorm on Wednesday.

According to Joy News’ Martha Crentsil who was at the scene, one saloon car and a commercial vehicle [trotro] were affected.

Fortunately, the saloon car driver and all passengers and driver of the trotro got away unharmed, but both cars are badly damaged from the impact of the tree’s crush.

Narrating what happened, the saloon car driver told Joy News said he was driving in the rain when he saw the tree falling and managed to escape.

He said he is in shock and cannot explain how he escaped.

A taxi driver also told Joy News he was driving when the rain started and he wanted to park under the tree when he saw the tree trunk falling and went to park somewhere else.

The police are in the area helping to keep order.

Fire service personnel also arrived at the scene to take measures to cut and remove the tree trunk from the cars.