Beauty usually involves the interpretation of a particular entity as being in tandem and harmony with nature. This combination with nature then leads to feelings of attraction and a heightened sense of self-worth. The state of being beautiful is quite subjective, hence the popular statement, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.

But for something/someone to be ascribed the characteristic of being beautiful, the person, at least, provides another person with an experience of pleasure or satisfaction, defining beauty is quite cumbersome, eh?


In an attempt to look or appear beautiful, lots of ladies purchase expensive “beauty-enhancing products” from various shops. These products include; wigs, make-up kits, in fact, some even go the extra mile to “improve” upon parts of their bodies which they are not comfortable with via liposuction.

And being a female celebrity makes it a must to stay beautiful! But how far is too far? Despite the growing pressure to maintain some level of appearance to enhance their looks to the on-looking public, some female celebrities have not being pressured into the normalized wearing of extremely long wigs and still keep their hair as short as possible while maintaining a highly appreciable level of beauty.


In this article, we take a look at some of the female Ghanaian celebrities who make short hair very beautiful, and inspire fans to go for one.

Nana Ama McBrown

The multitalented entertainer is one of those who likes to keep things short and simple – including her hair. During her flagship shows; McBrown’s Kitchen and United Showbiz, she’s often seen wearing very short hair (even if it’s a wig).


Variety is the spice of life, right? Over the years, McBrown has appeared in several short hairstyles which keeps her fans and even critiques gushing for more!

Vicky Zugah

The light-skinned actress has also developed a habit of dazzling fans with her short hairstyles. Though using long hairs has become some sort of trend, Vicky is one of those who consistently remind others that you do not have to join the majority! Do what fits you!

Yvonne Nelson

The stylish and elegant actress, Yvonne Nelson is also one of those who have over the years, proved that having a short hair doesn’t mean a reduction in your beauty. She has released photos where she’s seen wearing varieties of short hair, and at every instance, she’s as dazzling as a diamond.

Ama K. Abebrese

She’s known for often wearing long hairs. However, in recent times, she seems to have ditched the long hairs as she has started appearing in shorter hairs which appear to suit her better—doubting if you should switch from your long hair to a short one? Take some cues from Ama K. Abebrese.

Naa Ashorkor

The ace presenter switched her hairstyle to short one known as pixie on one of her birthdays, and the feedback was great. She looked stunning and also showed that short hair is the issh!

Joselyn Dumas

She was also a fan of wearing long hairs until recently when she ditched it for short hair. She also chose the pixie. The change was positive, and fans have always been stunned by her short-hair themed looks.

Sandra Ankobiah

She’s a lawyer, TV host, entrepreneur and philanthropist. She’s one who consistently dazzles fans with her short hair. She often switches between wearing long and short hairs but whenever she opts for the short hairstyle, her beauty becomes more pronounced.

Ellen Kyei White

The actress is one who wears typically short hair. In fact, she’s often spotted wearing short curly hair. Of course, she’s one of those who’ll make you reconsider changing your long hairstyle for a short one.

Afia Schwarzenegger

She’s the queen mother of controversy. Aside from that, she has also proved that she loves to wear short hair and has worn styles such as; short pinky curly hair, the short gold hair as well as the short blonde hair.

Conclusion? Short hairstyle also rocks!


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