PHOTOS: Female Ghanaian celebrities who are physically and intellectually endowed

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In the Ghana media space, most celebrities are just seen as entertainers who are entertaining their followers with whatever talent they are blessed with. Some also have all the following because of how physically-endowed they are.

Moesha Buduoung, a popular celebrity in Ghana confirmed the “fears” of a lot of Ghanaians when she said in an interview with Christiane Amanpour on CNN  that in the quest to survive, she dates married men.


It was a statement which had a lot of implications. It is an open secret that a lot of people were already of the opinion that most of our female celebrities are in reality, “ashawobrities” and so in effect, Moesha’s admission of having affairs with married men didn’t help matters.

In a classical case of one bad nut spoiling the whole soup, the term “ashawobrity” intensified and if you’re “unlucky” to be a female celebrity with a lot of physical endowments and living a flashy lifestyle, your case becomes worse.

Generalization is one of the most common errors in reasoning which exists. Whiles it is true that some female celebrities sell their bodies to make a living, it is also equally true that it is wrong to assume that all female celebrities sell their bodies to the highest bidder in order to maintain a grandiose lifestyle.


Let’s think about it: Is physical endowment the only asset our female celebrities possess? Have some of them climbed the academic ladder, albeit silently?

Your guess is as good as mine. Let’s take a look at some of these female celebrities who are an epitome of beauty with brains.


Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde
Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde is a British-Ghanaian education activist, media entrepreneur and motivational speaker. She was born and raised in London.  During her early years in London, she practised as a child psychologist.  She is an alumnus of Middlesex University, and she graduated with a degree in Psychology.


She is the founder of Aim Higher Africa, a non-profit organization which aims to improve upon the quality of education in impoverished communities across Africa. It’s crystal clear that because of her love for intellectuality, she has taken steps to ensure that deprived children have access to quality education.

Again, in a display of her intellectual ability, in 2018, she was part of 200 people who were selected to be part of the Obama Foundation Africa Leaders program.  Again, in 2019, she was awarded the African Social Impact award at the House of Parliament, House of Commons in the UK. There’s so much going for her. She’s also the West African correspondent for leading business magazine, Forbes Africa.

The above are definite proofs of that fact that not only is Peace Hyde physically endowed but that she’s also a gem who uses her intellectual capacity to the best of her ability.

At the time of writing, she has been nominated/won a total of 20 awards. Awards won include; Africa Achievers Award in 2019, Obama Foundation Leaders Africa Fellow in 2018, Judges Special Recognition Award in 2016 and a host of others.

Nominations include Discovery Young Health Journalist of the Year in 2017, Businesswoman of the year in 2016 and a host of other nominations.


Lydia Forson

Lydia Forson is a Ghanaian actress, producer and writer. She was born in Mankessim. However, she had her early education at Wilmore Elementary School in Kentucky, U.S.A. Her family moved to Ghana when she was 9 years. She then continued her education at the Akosombo International School, St. Louis Senior High School and graduated from the University of Ghana, Legon with a degree in English Language and Information studies.

In 2009, she was nominated for the Africa Academy Movie Award. In 2010, she won the Best Actress in a lead role during the same Africa Academy Awards.

She’s also somewhat of a social commentator and as a result, isn’t shy of speaking up on national issues. And anytime she does, the intelligence she displays is admirable.


Victoria Lakshmi Hammah

Victoria Hammah

Victoria Hammah is a notorious member of the NDC whose notoriety is as a result of the $1million scandal where in a leaked audio, she said that she wouldn’t quit politics until she makes a million dollars.

At the time the audio was leaked, she was the Deputy Communications Minister, but as a result of the fiasco, she lost that position.

Victoria Hammah

Looking beyond that fiasco, she presently runs a non-profit organization for women, known as Progressive Organization for Women’s Advancement (POWA). Here, she puts her intellect to use by ensuring that though she was engaged in a highly publicized scandal, she has put it behind her and is ensuring that she gives women the platform to advance. It takes a lot of wits to do something worthwhile, especially when you were engaged in a highly publicized scandal.

She graduated from the University of Ghana, Legon.

Which other celebrity misses this list? Leave her name in the comment box below.


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