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PHOTOS: Actress Salma Mumin Confuses Ex-boyfriend At His Wedding With Her Revealing Outfit

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Well, if your ex appears at your wedding looking so hotter than your bride, you’d definitely know that’s pure witchcraft and try not to lose focus for the last bite.

Actress Salma Mumin has been spotted looking hot and sexy in a white dress which is not even appropriate for a wedding in the first place.


Since we at are interested in why the actress wore that fine and sexy dress, we later got to know that she was at a wedding.

As we all wondered whose wedding it was that she turned up so hot to confuse the groom, Salma Mumin in the comment session told Sandra Ankobiah that she took that look to her ex’s wedding.

Though the identity of her ex is yet to be uncovered, we will follow the issue and dig deep until we discover who this ex is.


But hey would you be happy if your ex turns up at your wedding looking like Salma Mumin? Check out the photos for yourself.

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