PHOTO: Patapaa Acquires A Lamborghini Car Worth $274k?

The boss of Pa2Pa Soldiers, Patapaa has posed with a luxury Lamborghini car worth $274,000 with the caption; “#Pa2PaSojas I’m okay here so stay cool y’all … We partying all Europe !!!”.

Many of his fans have asked whether it’s his new ride or not looking at how he was comfortably seated on the front side of the Lamborghini.

Some have questioned if Patapaa is that rich to purchase such a luxury car because the likes of Shatta Wale and Sarkodie have not even dreamt of owning some of these expensive cars.

Comments monitored by on social media is a clear indication that they doubt that the ‘one corner’ hitmaker can own such an expensive car.

See the photo below.


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