Princess Shyngle

Gambian Ghana-based actress, Princess Shyngle has taken to Instagram to school Ghanaian women on what men actually need from women.

Contrary to the widespread perception out there that the only thing men want from women is sex, Princess Shyngle holds a different view on the need of men.

Princess Shyngle

To Princess Shyngle, the greatest thing men need from women is respect and not sex as it is been the usual perception out there.

She posted on her Instagram;

“Dear Ladies, The greatest need of a man is not sex, he can get that from a prostitute. Neither is it food, he can get that from a good restaurant. A man’s greatest need is RESPECT …. Have a blessed Saturday y’all”.

Princess Shyngle recently made headlines when she opened up on her romantic affairs with Ghanaian footballer, Micheal Essien and rapper DBlack on the Delay show.


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