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Patapaa’s former manager to save dying gospel music

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Former manager of Patapaa, Mr. Godfred Bokpin says he has devoted his time and resources to help save Ghana’s gospel music industry which he described as “dying”.

In a long chat Ghana’s most credible news portal,, the artiste manager and CEO of GAB Concept revealed that he is on a mission to help revive and save the gospel music fraternity which has been on spiral downward slope for a couple of years now.


Former manager of Patapaa, Mr. Godfred Bokpin
Former manager of Patapaa, Mr. Godfred Bokpin

Godfred Bokpin, who doubles as a Deacon, told that he is a very strong fated Christian and as a matter of fact is not happy with the way the gospel industry is dying out slowly.

According to Mr. Bokpin, most of the current crop of gospel musicians are gradually moving away from the gospel content in their songs and doing something completely different. In his view this is largely due to the mindset of most gospel artistes.

He explained that most of the current gospel artistes are only doing gospel music because they have the talent to sing and so want to use that gift to become famous, causing them to deviate from the word of God in their music.


“What I have realized it most gospel musicians are moving away from the truth. Most of them are being moved to do gospel because they have the talent to sing and compose songs, so they do songs which otherwise they shouldn’t be doing as Christian gospel artistes.

Most of them are doing gospel because they think it is lucrative and they can easily make money out of it while always getting famous,” he lamented.

He further explained that it is about time gospel artistes change their mindset and attitude towards the gospel music. He emphasized that while most of the gospel artistes claim to do songs to inspire, all they think of is getting a hit that will skyrocket them into stardom.


“On a daily basis I receive songs from several gospel musicians but you talk to them and you realize they have not even accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal savior. They just want to do gospel music because it is the trend, and they can get hits, which is their primary motive. How do you do the work of God with this motive?,” he queried.

Mr. Godfred Bokpin, in the coming months will be doing a lot of work in the gospel industry as he sets on a mission to save the gospel music industry, which has been overshadowed by the secular music industry over the last decade or so.

When asked how he intend to save the industry, this is what he had to say:

“My intention is to change the mentality of Gospel artistes on money and fame but rather to inspire and allow God to do the rest. Building good content for them, letting them understand the importance and benefits of being a gospel musician; educating the public on the essence of the Kingdom of God before anything else.”


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