While some musicians lyrically battle colleagues in their quest to prove supremacy, comic actor Kwadwo Nkansah (Lilwin) and artiste Patapaa seem to be interested in a beauty contest as both claim to be more handsome than the other.

In a hilarious interaction with Ibrahim Ben Bako, Lilwin argues that his good looks qualify him to be compared to the likes of actors John Dumelo, Majid Michel and other ‘fresh’ personalities in the arts instead of an ‘ugly’ Patapaa who barely looks any different from an animal.


According to Lilwin, he is not in the league of the Swedru-based artiste, colleague actor Sunsum, musicians Kwaw Kese, Ras Kuuku, Koo Ntakra and others alike.

He insists that right from the moment Patapaa hit the limelight, all Ghanaian parents who used to insult their kids by likening how ugly the children looked to him [Lilwin], put a stop to it and turned their attention to Patapaa.

“They made reference to my face whenever they insulted others. But when Patapaa landed, they stopped because they realized someone was uglier than me,” he says. “I’m very handsome.”


A rebuttal from Patapaa, according to Lilwin, will lack merit as he insists the artiste knows he is indeed ugly.

“Why get angry when you’re told the truth?” he asks. “He is ugly. Patapaa resembles different kinds of animals. He looks like a squirrel, hippopotamus and several animals in the bush.”

But Patapaa in the same video thinks otherwise. He insists he is more handsome and sexier than Lilwin.


“Look at my social studies face. Just look at the sexy face. Lilwin is lying,” said Patapaa.


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