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Osofo Appiah says his penis refuses to erect after the assault

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The junior pastor of Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Osofo Emmanuel Appiah has revealed that he has not able to have an erection ever since he was assaulted and stripped na*ked when he was allegedly caught in the bed of another woman.

According to Osofo Appiah in an interview with Kofi TV, ever since the assault, he has never had an erection since the near-death ordeal he passed through to be able to sleep with his wife.

Osofo Appiah explained that, since his d1ck shrank during the assault, it has remained as it is and has not even pulled back to its original size.

Appiah was reacting to a question from a question from Kofi TV if that is the real size of his d1ck or it shrank. He added that it was what he got when God was sharing the sizes.

Listen to Osofo Appiah Below