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Opinion: Likely results of GFA Presidential and Exco elections

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By the close of Friday 25th October, 2019, a new leadership for Ghana football will take control of the game as the election of a new President and a new Executive Council look imminent.

Already, new leaders have been elected for all the ten regions with only three of the chairmen being part of the old adminstration of football in the country, with seven new members.


Following a survey by, projecting a list of new leaders for the Ghana FA, the football family will be left in shock and dismay with the list of new leaders likely to lead the association.

Many, who appear very popular in the media and have strong personalities are likely to be missing in action as the Executive Council and Presidential elections come off on Thursday and Friday.

The survey conducted took into consideration the following factors:


? Relationship of aspirants with the delegates

? The capacities and experience of the delegates

? The influence of former GFA President Kwesi Nyantaky



? Popularity and familiarity within the football family

? Financial muscles of the candidates

In the Presidential elections, immediate-past Vice President of the Ghana FA, George Afriyie is likely to be the biggest casualty after rigorous campaigning and mastering overwhelming confidence.

George who commenced campaigning for the Presidential seat long before the other candidates even dreamt of vying for the seat is likely to be left disappointed following the survey conducted.

Fred Pappoe is set to pull a surprise as he is likely to finish second in the Presidential race after checks conducted by

Pappoe, quite unpopular amongst the candidates, has combed the nooks and cronies of the football industry and has won the hearts of most of the delegates who appear neutral.

Nana Yaw Amponsah, the young and vibrant owner of Phar Rangers FC look appealing to the Ghanaian public following his wonderful outing during the Presidential Debate held on Monday, but he’s seriously unpopular amongst the football family.

Frankly, he looks intelligent and impregnated with knowledge but the ‘football people’ see him as a newcomer, hence it will be a shock to see him even in the top three.

For Amanda Clinton and George Ankomah Mensah, checks have revealed that the football space has made them popular than the votes they are likely to get.

It will be shocking to see each of them getting more than five votes in the Presidential Elections. But George is likely to come ahead of Amanda.

Kurt Okraku ranks top from the survey conducted. His organizational and promotional skills, coupled with his popularity and wonderful relationship with the delegates are his trumpcards for winning the elections.

It will come with no surprise though since Kurt, even amongst neutrals, is described as the most prepared candidate for the seat.

Below is how it is likely to pan out on Friday in the presidential election:

1. Kurt E.S. Okraku

2. Fred Pappoe

3. George Afriyie

4. Nana Yaw Amponsah

5. George Ankomah Mensah

6. Amanda Clinton

Premier League

In the Executive Council election for the Premier League clubs, the route look a bit easier and smoother for some of the candidates considering their numbers and the requirement for the Council.

Out of the seven candidates, only two will be dropped.

The ExCo Election for the Premier League clubs is likely to shock many people as the representatives of the two top clubs – Hearts and Kotoko – are likely to miss out.

Following the decision of Asante Kotoko to withdraw the voting rights of George Amoako, their CEO, he is likely to miss out as the election, which is more likely to be a give and take exercise will see him with nothing to give.

Since he can’t contribute to the voting of the president and ExCo members, he’s likely to be kicked out since the votes are likely to be traded amongst candidates.

For Frederick Moore, the Hearts of Oak CEO, his popularity amongst the football family is minimal. Yes, being with Hearts of Oak can win him a seat on the ExCo, but his football knowledge is honestly not appreciated by the ‘football people’ considering his suggestion at the September 5 Extraordinary Congress and how his contribution was booted over the roof.

The other five candidates are, therefore, likely to win with AshGold CEO Frederick Acheampong (Achie) looking the favorite to top the list.

The young and ambitious adminstrator has meandered his way into the hearts of the delegates following his immense contribution to restoring the system during the normalization process.

Achie, is likely to be followed closely by Medeama SC board chairman Dr. Toni Auben considering his huge knowledge in the corporate world and his charismatic figure.

CEO of Aduana Stars Albert Commey and Kingsley Osei Bonsu of Bechem United are likely to follow in that order.

Commey, a former ExCo member will bank on his previous experience to scale through while Osei Bonsu builds on his previous 6 votes in the 2015 GFA ExCo Election to climb up high this time.

Oduro Sarfo will be the last candidate to scale through and he’s set to merit from the Kotoko and Hearts absence. If Moore and Amoako are to go through, Oduro Sarfo and Kingsley Osei Bonsu will suffer.

Below is how it’s likely to stand:

1. Frederick Acheampong

2. Dr. Toni Auben

3. Albert Commey

4. Kingsley Osei Bonsu

5. Oduro Sarfo

Division One League

This level of the election is likely to vomit huge casualties.

There are three top personalities here who are likely to be missed out on the GFA ExCo – Kweku Eyiah, Randy Abbey and Alhaji Karim Grusah.

Samuel Anim Addo, Eric Oppong Yeboah and Justice Boison could be the surprised lads at the Division One level.

Randy Abbey and Kweku Eyiah have enormous experience in the governance of football in the country but it looks like the faithfuls of Kwesi Nyantakyi may hit against them.

Eyiah is a strong ally of George Afriyie who fell out with Kwesi Nyantakyi before the previous adminstration collapsed, and that may affect the former Emergency Committee member.

For Randy, it is believed he fell out with Kwesi Nyantakyi after he exited the executive committee of the FA and that may haunt him in the elections tomorrow.

The other candidates are relatively new and that may play out during the voting on Thursday.

Sammy will have to thank his stars for the Baby Jet U16 Tournament initiative. From our checks, it’s pushing him up.

Below is how it’s likely to look on Thursday:

1. Samuel Anim Addo

2. Eric Oppong Yeboah

3. Justice Boison

As the Elective Congress of the GFA comes off on Thursday and Friday, let’s brace ourselves for the shocks and surprises.



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