Money or Intelligence, Which one has more power in the NPP?

Chairman Wontumi
Chairman Wontumi

Contrary to the claim of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) that they are a party of intellectuals and intelligent people, the facts on the grounds do not fully support that.

In every Political Party, there has to be an equal chance for all people regardless of their social status or whatsoever. But they must also take into consideration people who can represent the nation and bring development.

Monetization of our politics has become a significant concern and bloat on our democracy. It is becoming very prevalent in the New Patriotic Party.

Since 2008, money politics has always been played in the NPP, which means the party votes for people with deeper pockets at the expense of those with more profound minds. The effect of the monetization of politics or democracy is that it breeds indiscipline in the party. The people who entered the game with their money do not serve their party with diligence.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, a member of Parliament on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party and a known financier of the party, is an example. He doesn’t respect the Party’s constitution or the leaders. He is on record to have branded all members of the party as stupid. All these vituperations went unpunished because he is untouchable.

Kennedy Agyapong
Kennedy Agyapong

Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong Supports the party in so many ways. He would be one of the top logistics providers for the party. His contributions for the past decade cannot go unnoticed, and he has capitalized on it to institutionalize himself at the party. He uses his media network (Net2 TV, Oman FM, and Ash FM) to do free communication for the party. He has attempted unsuccessfully to quit the party and bow out of active politics two times. In all these attempts, the party intervened to stop him because of the benefits they get from him.

Much cannot be said about him with regards to his Parliamentary works. At no point has the Party ever come out publicly to call him out because of his influence. He has committed many sins than the suspended party Members like Kwabena Agyei Agyapong (former General Secretary of the party), Paul Afoko (former National Chairman), and Sammy Crabb. Kennedy Agyapong is simply a demigod in the party because of his money.

Bernard Antwi Boasiako, who is known in the political space as Chairman Wontumi came into politics as a surprise. He was a Constituency chairman at the Bosomtwe Constituency in the Ashanti Region. When he expressed interest in the Ashanti Regional chairmanship position, he was not known and very young man. But his money spoke for him loudly.

Chairman WONTUMI

Chairman Wontumi penetrated the Region rapidly because of his money. He purchased a storey building for the party to use as their Regional office. He bought the nomination forms for all the aspiring candidates of all positions in the Ashanti Region. He won the election against other senior Party stalwarts.

His actions have put the party into shame after he won the elections. The party prevented everyone from contesting him in his second term of office.

The way the party allowed him to handle the primaries of some constituencies make nonsense of the NPP’s claim that they the party with most intellectuals and their self-acclaimed champions of the rule of law. The Machiavellian way he disqualified Manarf Ibrahim from the Asawase Constituency primaries dents the party’s image and dims the spirit of the youth.

Manarf Ibrahim is a fantastic party youth who paid his dues well to party and did not deserve to be treated as an alien in his party and in a region he has once served as a Deputy Regional Secretary. That alone slims the party’s fortunes in the Asawase constituency parliamentary elections.

Another person who has taken over the Bono Region chapter of the ruling New Patriotic Party is Kwame Baffoe – Abronye. Kwame Baffoe’s verbal attacks are not only limited to his political opponents but his party folks as well. Abronye DC attacked his former chairman and the former Regional Minister for the Brong Ahafo Region on several media platforms.

Abronye DC
Abronye DC

He levelled several allegations against him for being a thief and all that. The chairman who is a lawyer, couldn’t stand the accusations of Kwame Baffoe because he has money. He hired macho men to cause mayhem in the region, but the party could not call him to order.

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