Bantama is the support base for the ruling New Patriotic Party. The Constituency was nicknamed “THE FLORIDA”. Those were the times it was the largest Constituency in Ghana until it was divided some years ago into three separate Constituencies. Bantama was Nyiaeso, Kwadaso and today’s Bantama constituency together.

The National Democratic Congress also had the Ketu Constituency in the Volta Region. They called it the World Bank. When the results of an election start trickling in and the NPP hears that of Ketu Constituency, they could readily concede defeat. The margin was so huge to the extent that it could equal about three NPP strongholds in other regions.


They had Bantama, so they worried not, the Constituency that did the magic for them. In 2000 General Elections, Former President Jerry John Rawlings deployed substantial security personnel in the Constituency just to intimidate them from voting. The zeal and passion of the people overrode the power of the military.

So Bantama has always been at the heart of the New Patriotic Party. They always ride on their back into power. There is a saying in Bantama that even if a goat or stone represents the NPP, it will win against the NDC’s candidate. So when one contests for primaries and win, he can hold himself as MP-elect even before the Electoral Commission properly holds Elections.

This year’s New Patriotic Party’s primaries is tipped to be very interesting in Bantama. The simple reason being the candidates contesting. They’re all powerful and influential in their own rights. Both candidates are very well-resourced and connected.


The current Member of Parliament for the Constituency is Honorable Daniel Okyem Aboagye. He is a first-time member of Parliament. Okyem Aboagye was a keen businessman and entrepreneur before venturing into politics.

Daniel Okyem Aboagye

He is an astute banker with experience in Banking across the world. He has worked in the United States of America for a very long time before coming to Ghana. He came to Ghana, not as a Frontline politician but a businessman, of course, he may be doing background politics. He established Banks, Investment firms and Savings and Loans that were helping the people in his Constituency.

The Bantama township has many traders because of where it is located. The town itself has a market and very proximal to the Kejetia Market, Adum Market, Asafo Market and Kumasi Central Market. His business relationship with the people earned him so much admiration.


In 2015 when he decided to contest for the Primaries. Political observers saw him as no threat because at that time, Hon. Kwabena Kokofu was the Member of Parliament. Chairman Kokofu is an excellent communicator with vast political experience. His humbleness and demeanour made him appear to be the obvious choice of the people. At the other hand was Okyem who was not a known political face, talks less but a serious underground worker.

On the day of the Primaries, per Chairman Kokofu’s account, they were in the auditorium, and he heard “Cars no aba ooo”. That was the beginning of his political sorrows. The dynamics changed, and he lost bitterly against a political novice.

But unfortunately, after his party came to power, he did not get any ministerial appointment, except appointing him as the spokesperson for Finance in Parliament.

In this year’s primaries, Daniel Okyem Aboagye wouldn’t have been a contest for his opponent if he had no such history. You can’t underestimate the magic of Daniel Okyem Aboagye. His fiercest competitor, the dynamic Francis Asenso Boakye, is not a small team. Though, Asenso, younger than Okyem but has political prominence and successful political history than him.

Francis Asenso Boakye

He is the founder of the vibrant youth group of the New Patriotic in all Tertiary Institutions in the country. He founded the Tertiary Students Confederacy of the New Patriotic Party (TESCON) some 20 years ago to support the party.

The contributions of TESCON to the success story of the New Patriotic Party can’t be quantified, and they owe all to the dynamic Young man, Francis Asenso Boakye.

Francis Asenso Boakye has been the political aid to Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo long before he became the president. That should tell you about his political astuteness. For Nana Addo, one of the most experienced politicians in Ghana to appoint him as his political aid is very telling.

After they came to power, the president appointed him as the Deputy Chief of staff and political aid to the president.

He immediately relaunched his parliamentary ambition after his appointment. He is enjoying the support of the tank and file of the government, including the regional Executives of the party.

He has the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the party in his camp. And we all know what Chairman Wontumi can do.

He comes with so much influence now. His opponent has accused him of vote-buying and sponsoring delegates for foreign trips.
Political wealth is not necessarily how much money sits in your accounts but how you can connect the electorates to help and support. Francis Asenso Boakye is providing just that.

He has been the most visible politician in Bantama even though he’s not yet the Member of Parliament. He is making a lot of donations to different groups and organizations in the Constituency. He, for instance, donated ambulance and thousands of PPEs to the Suntreso Government Hospital in his Constituency.

And the peeved Kwabena Kokofu is solidly behind him to make sure he defeats Daniel Okyem Aboagye the same way he was defeated. He even wanted to contest as an independent candidate in 2016 after he lost against him. He is actively working day and night just to make sure Okyem is not elected the second time.

And when it comes to primaries like this, the influence of the Executive arm of Government or the presidency can’t be overemphasized. The Electoral College of the NPP is very small and makes it easy to influence. Five hundred people are going to vote in Saturday’s primaries. So imagine the president sending a word to these people to vote for his darling boy, Francis Asenso Boakye.

So this year’s primaries is going to be won by the candidate with the political experience and strategy as well as resources and proximity to power. And the candidate who has all these is Francis Asenso Boakye, the Deputy Chief of staff.

This is my prediction for Bantama, nonetheless, Daniel Okyem Aboagye can do his things again. Share your views with me in the comment box below.


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