Royal Tasha
Royal Tasha

Ghanaian musician Royal Tasha is calling for head and hard heart to roll down in peace as she also adds her voice to arguably the best celebrity beef Ghana has ever witnessed in recent years.

Royal Tasha
Royal Tasha

King Sark last week on October 10,2018 responded to Shatta Wale’s recent attacks on him when he released a diss song titled ‘My Advice’.


In the minutes’ freestyle, Sarkodie offloaded all the bitter words from his chest and directed it at the Dancehall artist and that has sparked musician Royal Tasha to make this comment.

However, the diss song itself is not the major blow for the SM boss but the various side displays from the spectators.

Many people including famous celebrities have shared their comments on the issue from various angles, and now in the comment box is the hardworking musician Royal Tasha.


Unlike most of his other colleagues like Edem, Yaa Pono, Peace Hyde, Joey B, Trigmatic, Captain Planet, sister Derby and others who believe Sarkodie‘s diss track to Shatta is ‘dhope and fire’, Royal Tasha believes there is the need for peace to prevail.

Royal Tasha
Royal Tasha

In an exclusive interview with this portal, the musician holds the idea that the two musicians should put aside their discords and bury the issue and also let love prevail so that there would be happiness at every point in time

“The beef has gone lyrical? Explicit stuff. Shatta Wale and Sarkodie, can’t we just love one another in happiness?” – she said.


Royal Tasha calling on peace and love would be so much appreciated by the likes of state bodies like the peace council but for the many others who like the business of the show, they will certainly wish this will continue.

According to her, the two known musicians should stop disgracing themselves and look forward to a bigger picture going forward.

Royal Tasha who has release Gbeko and is on the process to drop her new single which is about to hit the air wave soon.

In an era where music business has not been that lucrative and difficult for musicians to remain consistent, Royal Tasha believes her new joint in town will maintain that uniformity which will enable her come out with her next song with more power than ever. The impact of her songs on the market can’t be ruin out. She has stood the test out from the crowd because of her silky voice and singing prowess.

Devoid of those cruel challenges, the young chap defied all odds and turned his misfortunes around by perfecting his craft and embraced music as a career.

”The truth is that making people accept something new or different is very tiring and frustrating but if I know what I want and believe I can surpass the very challenges myself and my music faces”- she added.

To the Glory of God, she has never relented in her tireless effort to bless the world with a piece of her naturally endowed talents.


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