Nigerian Chef Damilola Adeparusi Shatters Hilda Baci’s 100-Hour Cooking Record

In a remarkable culinary achievement, Ekiti-based chef Damilola Adeparusi has surpassed the 100-hour world cooking record previously held by Hilda Baci. The news of Adeparusi’s new feat spread like wildfire after she proudly shared the accomplishment on her Twitter page in the early hours of Tuesday.

Just a few weeks ago, Hilda Baci made waves in the culinary world by surpassing the previous world cooking record of 87 hours 45 minutes set by Indian chef Lata Tondon back in 2019. However, Baci’s attempt still awaits official certification by the Guinness World Record (GWR).

Adeparusi, in an exhilarating video, can be seen celebrating her milestone of completing a grueling 100-hour cooking marathon alongside her colleagues. Fueled by her determination, she has set her sights on a new record of 120 hours.

Since commencing her cooking marathon on June 9, Adeparusi has become a viral sensation, capturing the attention and admiration of countless social media users. Her remarkable feat has sparked various reactions from online communities, with some applauding her courage and innovative spirit, while others have raised concerns about her alleged intention to outdo Baci’s attempt.

Among those who commended Adeparusi for her remarkable achievement is Yemi Oyebanji, the first lady of Ekiti state. Oyebanji praised the young chef for her unwavering determination and courage, considering her impressive feat as a showcase of exceptional talent and resilience.

In an unexpected turn of events, Hilda Baci herself extended her support to Adeparusi, putting to rest any rumors of rivalry between the two chefs. Baci’s gesture emphasizes the camaraderie and mutual respect that exists within the culinary community, even in the face of fierce competition.

As Adeparusi awaits official recognition from the Guinness World Record, her accomplishment has undoubtedly made waves in the culinary world, inspiring aspiring chefs and enthusiasts alike. The Nigerian chef’s dedication, talent, and passion for her craft have solidified her place as a rising star in the culinary landscape.

With the bar raised once again, all eyes eagerly await the outcome of Damilola Adeparusi’s audacious quest to push the boundaries of culinary excellence.