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6 Celebs who ‘killed’ their friends


Breaking news of celebrities  involved in car accidents hit us from time to time, some unfortunately passing away after sustaining serious injuries. In this controversial article by Asembi.com, which is sure to touch the nerves of the fans of these celebrities, remember some  celebrities who lost their friends while in…

Ghanaian Celebs Who Went Broke After Stardom


Nothing feels better than being called a celebrity. The fame, wealth and public admiration that comes with it is second to no feeling on this earth. There are people who are willing to kill to attained the celebrity status in their various crafts, be it music, football, acting, modeling and…

Musicians who ended their career after a single hit


Making music is by no means an easy job. Even more difficult is the ability to keep releasing hits after hits and staying relevant in the game. While artistes like Sarkodie, Edem, Shatta Wale and music trio VVIP have managed to stay relevant in the system by continuously and regularly…