Do you know NCCE is still running adverts on the cancelled referendum? The teacher needs a teacher

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What do you do when you realise that the teacher teaching you needs a teacher himself? That’s the case of the NCCE.

After wasting over a million Ghana cedis on a referendum that didn’t come on, the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) is still running Facebook Ads educating us on the cancelled referendum.

See the screenshots below:


I have been wondering how much time is needed by a responsible person at the commission to hit the PAUSE button to stop wasting our monies and instead educate us on more critical issues like how to impeach the President or become responsible citizens.

We are fast to blame governments for the country’s troubles, but we exhibit no sense of duty when we find ourselves in civic or public institutions. Do we think we would be any different when we become presidents? Maybe it’s time we accept that our leaders are just true reflection of us.


Someone just told me that he even saw vans of the NCCE still preaching on the cancelled referendum. Is it that they missed the president’s address OR they are just determined to spend whatever money that was allotted to the referendum?


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