Actress Gladys Mensah Boaku has given a vivid account of how she made her ex-boyfriend, Ernest Opokuspeak tongues and gave lofty promises in bed during the peak of their love affair that later turned sour prior to the split, has filed.

NAYAS as popularly known in showbiz and the artiste became the subject of media discussions some months ago when the musician jilted her after they had enjoyed several bouts ‘bonking’ which the former claimed resulted in pregnancy.


Nayas & Ernest Opoku

She indicated that when the Gospel artiste is reaching his apex during their ‘tonga’ encounter, he speaks in tongues and she replies by saying“Amen, Amen” and also give him the best styles in the world.

The actress disclosed that when they meet she starts the act by sitting on him and treating him to some good ‘tonga’ moves before he takes over.

“Ernest Opoku loves my thing. I do like his. When we meet, I start the process. I give him the styles from left to right and I bring it to the centre for him. He is good in bed because he can do all that a man needs to do. When Ernest Opoku is reaching cloud nine, he speaks in tongues and I will respond with Amen, Amen and also top it up with styles.”


“Any man I have dated who claims I am not good in bed is very ungrateful because I treat my men well and sometimes they make huge promises and speak tongues in bed”, she bragged.

“Let me mention the names of persons who have tried me and they will confess how sweet I am. If you want to get into my pants as you have to give me a range rover. I play with you in such a way that when you are in me, you can give me promises or speak tongues. I have treated men well and persons who have refused to confess this are ungrateful” she stated.


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