Musicians who ended their career after a single hit

Making music is by no means an easy job. Even more difficult is the ability to keep releasing hits after hits and staying relevant in the game. While artistes like Sarkodie, Edem, Shatta Wale and music trio VVIP have managed to stay relevant in the system by continuously and regularly releasing hits after hits, some have also come and flattered the public, only to get lost in the system after just one single hits.

In this article, we recount some artistes who came to the limelight with one hit song, after which they had a dead-end career as they were unable to release songs to match the success of their previous hit or the songs that made them stars.


Many music lovers argue that this guy was simply one lucky dude who managed to make a name for himself with what looked like a studio play rather than a properly written and recorded song. In 2011, Zigi burst onto the scene with a song titled ‘You say weytin’. Everything about the song indicated that it was not an actually premeditated written and recorded track. It was more of a beat maker playing with a beat and somehow Zigi just hopped onto it, used the phrase ‘You say weytin’ and it just clicked and became an instant hit. The song became a national favourite in 2011, enjoying massive airplay on radio stations nationwide and the people’s choice during parties and club events. But sadly Zigi failed to build on the success of the song after the track faded out of the system. To this day, Zigi hasn’t been able to manage another hit song and has remained irrelevant since 2011 when his single ‘You say weytin’ brought him to the limelight.

Nana Borrow

In 2010, Nana Borrow took the nation by storm with his smash hit ‘Aha ye de’. The song was the biggest release of 2010 and Nana Borrow was by far the most popular artiste of that year. Many people had high hopes for Nana Borrow because he looked promising and young. But fast forward today, Nana Borrow is a forgotten man with very little traces of him left in the music industry. This is largely due to his inability to replicate the success of his first hit in the following years. From 2011, when his hit single was no longer making waves, he began to fade from the system without any good song to salvage his drowning career, putting him among the list of Ghanaian artistes who faded out after one solitary hit.


Raquel had her breakthrough in 2012 when she released her hit single ‘Sweetio’ featuring Ghana’s finest rapper Sarkodie. The song was an instant hit nationwide and even beyond the borders of Ghana. Everyone thought Raquel’s career had just kicked off and she was destined for greater things. Her voice alone could make you call in love with her music and her infectious smiles won her many fans and admirers. However an unfortunate incident during a stage performance in 2013 brought her young career to a standstill. During an industry awards NIGHT performance for that year’s VGMA, Raquel’s cloth unfortunately got torn while on stage, exposing her most private part to the watching cameras. Since then Raquel has not been the same, failing to release any hit song to continue with her promising career. Up to this day, Sweetio remains the only hit track in her archives of hit songs, after which her career came to a standstill.

Dr. Slim

‘Eyo Dr. Slim; Wadup Dobble’. If you are a true music fan who has followed music for years, I’m sure you do remember this phrase or at least it sounds familiar. This was the intro to Dr. Slim’s one and only hit song ‘Seke’ featuring now separated music duo, Dobble. The song was released in 2012 by the young and relatively unknown artiste under Empire Records. It became a Christmas jam song in that year and Dr. Slim was everywhere, from Christmas jams to New Year shows. However his new found fame couldn’t stand the test of time as he faded into oblivion together with his hit song. Since then, nothing has been heard of Dr. Slim again in terms of music, winning him a place on this list.



Eduwoji rose to prominence in 2011 with his hit single ‘Yenko Nkoa’ which featured Stay Jay. The song was part of the larger collection of Azonto songs released around that time. The song was a success and made a massive impact on the music scene. Up to today, it is regarded as one of the best Azonto songs ever released during the era of Azonto craze. He later got into media banter with Stay Jay after Stay Jay claimed ownership of the song in an interview. Unfortunately Eduwoji got lost in the system after the song faded from the scene and no single song has ever been heard from the Azonto crooner. It is fair to say Eduwoji’s career begun in 2011 with Yenko Nkoa and died in 2012 together with his song.

Qwabena Maphia


Quabena Maphia first came to the limelight in 2011 as a featured artiste on Reggie Rockstone’s track ‘Female Friend’. From there he didn’t disappoint, he came out with his debut highlife single titled ‘I Go Pay’. The song was a beautiful highlife track that enjoyed massive airplay and a lot of success for a relatively new artiste. At the 2012 VGMAs, the song was voted Highlife song of the Year and talks of Quabena Maphia becoming a force to reckon with in the highlife genre became ripe. However it wasn’t to be as Quabena Maphia disappeared from the scene without any trace, failing to release songs that could match the quality and standard of ‘I go pay’.

Wisa Greid


Wisa Greid was probably the most talked about artiste in 2015, for all the wrong and right reasons. Two years ago, this young chap burst unto the scenes with a song, ‘Ekiki Me’ that traveled like wild fire and became the youth’s favourite. Everything was going on so well for the young budding act until he did the unthinkable during the 2015 edition of Decemba2Remember. Wisa to the shock of the audience brought out his manhood during his performance and this resulted in him being charged with indecent exposure by the Ghana police. This resulted in a long legal battle in the law court that lasted for almost two years. But his career really came to an end on that very night as he struggled to release any other hit from then onwards. And like the rest, till now Wisa Greid has not given his fans and music lovers any other hit song to prove his worth, making ‘Ekiki Me’ the only hit of a career that begun and died with just one song.

Dee Aja

Dee Aja is another Artiste who deserves a place on this privileged list. In the run up to the 2016 general elections, Dee Aja, together with ace producer, Nacee, composed a song titled Onaapo for the then ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC). The song became a smash hit, especially after the elections as opponents and eventual winners NPP used the same song to mock the NDC. Suddenly Dee Aja became a national topic as his name was basically everywhere in the media. But Dee Aja could not carry the momentum to release more hits. The song dwindled as the excitement that came along with the elections declined, making Onaapo the only hit Dee Aja has ever enjoyed as an artiste so far.


Artistes such as Patapaa, Atumpan and Okuraseni Samuel to some extent deserve a place on this list. Perhaps in the future these artistes could return and take the nation by storm to restore their lost glory and fame, but in the meantime they make the list of artistes who came to the scene, made an impact with one massive hit and that was it; their careers took a nose dive.