MTN Ghana “Yello Save” is an account opened by FIDELITY BANK on the MTN Mobile Money platform following your Application. It is a savings account that accrues interest and it’s linked to your mobile money wallet.

The MTN Yello Save gives subscribers a unique opportunity to save and earn an attractive 12 per cent interest rate per annum on their mobile money.


The service is available on MTN mobile money platform.


MTN Yello Save Registration

To register, dail: *170# and follow these steps

Choose option 6 for  savings and loans


Choose option 1  for yello save

Choose option 1  to register

Choose option 1 for next    or


Choose option 2 for I have read proceed

Choose option 1  register or option 2 to proceed

Enter 4 digits to withdraw money into your wallet

Enter 4 digits to confirm

Authorize payment of 5 ghs or more by entering your MM pin

Choose option 1 for Yes to approve the transaction.

Interest accrued on your MTN Yellow Save will be deposited into your mobile money wallet.

Hence you can have access to it within your wallet.