Does MTN work in Ghana

The MTN Ghana is a part of the mother company in South Africa. Besides MTN Ghana are part of the “MTN One world” platform which is available in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Benin republic.

This makes it easy for you to use your MTN in Ghana. If you are visiting Ghana, it is best to visit your local MTN service centre to find out about how to use your MTN in Ghana.


MTN launches its IPO today
MTN launches its IPO today

Who owns MTN Ghana

MTN Group Limited, formerly M-Cell is a South African multinational mobile telecommunications company which operates in Europe, Asia and Africa. Johannesburg is where it has its headquarters.

In 2018, the largest mobile telecommunications company in Africa sold shares to the public in an initial public offering as it listed on the Ghana stock exchange. The company raised 1.1 billion cedis ($237 million) from the public.

Who brought MTN to Ghana

MTN came to Ghana as a result of its takeover of Areeba in August 2007. Active in over 20 countries, MTN entered Ghana in 2006 by merging with Areeba and taking over Areeba on August 2 2007. This takeover changed the brand colour of orange to yellow.


Mr George Andah was then the Chief Marketing Officer at the time.

How old is MTN Ghana

MTN Ghana will be 13 years in August 2020.