How much are MTN Ghana shares

The stock of MTN Ghana (MTNGH) is currently trading at 0.62 GHS per share on the Ghana Stock Exchange. MTNGH began the year 2020 with a share price of 0.70 GHS but has since lost 11.43% off that price valuation, ranking it 33rd on the GSE in terms of year-to-date performance.

MTN Ghana started selling shares at 75 pesewas each when it offered a 35 percent stake to the public in May, 2018.


MTN Ghana
MTN Ghana

MTN Shares Dividends

The Telecom giant early 2020 paid out a dividend to 4 pesewas per share to its shareholders. This, according to the company’s latest financial report for 2019 followed a strong 2019 financial performance.

The close of 2019 was a good one for the company as it saw a twenty per cent increase in total revenue of Ghs 5.18 billion as against Ghs 4.2 billion for 2018.

Therefore the dividend per share that was paid for shareholders represented a seventy-three per cent (73%) profit after tax and a twenty per cent (20%) increase in dividend per share.


How to purchase MTN Shares

Meanwhile, if you are thinking of purchasing shares and enjoying these dividends as well, you can follow these steps

  1.  1. Dial MTN Mobile Money shortcode: *170#
  2. Select Financial Services and choose Trade MTN Shares
  3. Enter your MTN Mobile Money PIN to access the trading menu. (This option is currently unavailable)
  4. (i)If you have multiple accounts (Individual, Joint or In Trust For), you will be prompted to select an account to trade with
    (ii)If you are a new customer, you will have to agree to the terms and conditions and complete the KYC questions to open an account. New accounts are opened within 48 hours
  5. Choose “Buy Shares” option from the menu
  6. Enter the unit price you would like to purchase shares at
  7. Enter the number of MTN Ghana Shares you would like to purchase
  8. Choose how long the order should be valid for
  9. Confirm details for the purchase of MTN Ghana Shares (total consideration and cost breakdown will be shown) you wish to buy
  10. Enter your MTN Mobile Money PIN to authorise purchase of MTN Ghana shares
  11. You will receive an SMS to confirm the placement of an order to purchase MTN Ghana Shares
  12. Once the purchase order has been successfully matched, you will receive an SMS confirming the trade and the requisite shares will be credited to your account
  13. In the event that the order expires before it is matched, you will receive an SMS notification of the expired order

If you followed the steps appropriately, you will be able to purchase shares. Otherwise, you will have to contact any of the brokerage firms.