Most artistes I’ve produced have not been fair to me – Ephraim

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Ghanaian music producer who doubles as an artiste, Ephraim, has shared that most artistes he produced were not fair to him in their deals.

Explaining why that is so, he explained that when he began the production business, he did not profit as much as he does now because he was limited in the knowledge of avenues where he could make money with his music production.


However, some of the musicians he produced had knowledge of these avenues and yet did not offer to share this information with him.

He shared this revelation with Rev. Erskine on YFM’s Myd Morning Show.

“There were a lot of things I didn’t know that as a producer, certain things such as publishing or the royalties, which could generate money for me for producing for artistes.”


“I realized that we don’t have love for each other. If I have love for you and you are working for me and I know that there is a certain avenue you can make money from, at least, I should be able to let you know that when you sign unto these avenues you can get some royalties that you can live off for a while. So, it is love that we don’t have. People knew about this publishing thing but they never brought it up when they were recording with us.”

Ephraim, noted, however, that he had settled all the differences he had with these artistes because he did not want to hold any grudges and keep a “negative vibe”.

Meanwhile he has encouraged artistes to look out for their producers like how “R2Bees have been looking out for Killbeatz and how D Black has been looking out for Breezy”.