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Military to deploy more troops to troubled Chereponi

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The Chief of Army Staff, Major General Williams Ayamdo has announced that more troops will be sent to the troubled areas of Chereponi and Saboba in the North East region in the aftermath of the violence that erupted there.

He said the troops will be sent in from Wednesday.


According to him, the current troops stationed at vantage points in the area, are not enough to patrol all the communities; hence the decision to deploy more men.

This comes on the back of accusations on both sides of the divide that their safety is being compromised.

In an address in the area on Monday, he explained to residents that the uniformed personnel already on the ground were deployed to various locations based on need and impartially.


“From Wednesday, you will begin to see that we will bring more resources that are human and vehicles and spreading to communities. Because resources are not unlimited, it has an effect on how we operate and this is probably why you see the way we are deploying to some communities and you think we are taking soldiers but that is not the case.”

Major General Williams Ayamdo further urged opinion leaders to lodge complaints against officers they believe are treating locals unfairly in the discharge of their duty.

“If there is any matter that comes to your notice and you think that the soldiers are treating any part of your community unfairly, feel free to bring the matter to the fore so that we can investigate and deal with the people.”


The Konkombas and Chokosis renewed a longstanding clash that has claimed one life last week.

There have also been multiple arrests over recent clashes in the area as several properties have been destroyed.