Menzgold: Investors may die if they go to ‘Nogokpo’

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It’s almost a month now since Menzgold closed down to deal with the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) on the issue of the gold dealer’s Gold Vault Market.

Customers of the firm have been living with hopes that Menzgold could return and pay them their outstanding dividends and principal investments.


As the firm keeps on releasing press statements and postponing dates, some customers have been left with no option than to consult gods and other deities for assistance.

But will these deities be able to solve the problem at hand? Are the customers going there just to hurt the CEO Nana Appiah Mensah and his family?

The person visiting the shrines may be standing a greater chance of suffering what he intends for NAM1 due to the fact that he himself have had a share of the money at stake.


Dealing with this issue spiritually is very dicey. One may end up losing his life. If anyone at all has to be punished, all those who have enjoyed the money, including the investor himself and family would be punished as well.

What about those who never received dividends? This is where the intentions of the firm comes in. If not the actions of SEC, would Menzgold have paid or not? If NAM1’s intention was to pay you before SEC shut the Gold Vault Market, nothing will happen to him and his colleagues even if you take them to the most powerful gods of the land because they had clean intentions.

Some investors have refused to reason to find suitable ways of dealing with the issue at hand. Some refuse to even read and only ask questions as if they returned from two-month coma few hours ago. How do you go to ‘Nogokpo’ for your money when there are legal ways one can use to deal with this?


Before you go to ‘Nogokpo’, think of the dividends you enjoyed with your family and Nana Appiah Mensah’s real intentions before you risk losing your life and that of your family.

By: Akesse Sanza
+233 269825999


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