Menzgold customers can now ignore Satan’s prophecy delivered by Prophet Nigel Gaisie

Christians among the customers of embattled Menzgold Ghana Limited who are obsessed with religion definitely accepted a prophecy by Prophet Nigel Gaisie and forgot about their monies.

The Founder and leader of the True Word Prophetic Ministry International, prophesied that Menzgold investors should forget about their monies as there is no way they would be having their locked investments back.

2019 Prophecies: Menzgold customers should forget about their locked funds – Prophet Nigel Gaisie

Nigel Gaisie claimed this and other prophecies were revealed to him by God. Among those prophecies was one on Nigeria’s elections. He predicted that Atiku’s People’s Democratic Party will win the 2019 general elections but they MIGHT not get the opportunity to rule. MIGHT? WTF! Which God isn’t certain; probably not the one who created Heaven and Earth.

This 2 by 4 prediction means that whatever the outcome of the elections, Nigel would be claiming credit because the ‘god’ who revealed to him was not certain.

Menzgold customers who gave up the fight because of this prophecy must know that the message delivered on that 31st Night ‘roll-over’ wasn’t from God. It was evident that Menzgold customers were not getting their locked up funds and Nigel took the opportunity to predict same. But as God has started shaming and exposing these prophets, there’s no doubt that something good would come out of EOCO’s exercise of freezing all properties of Menzgold and Nana Appiah Mensah.

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