Meet William Atsu Tekpor, Nana Appiah Mensah’s ‘body body’ from day one

William Atsu Tekpor

Menzgold Ghana and its CEO Nana Appiah Mensah are facing tough times as several state institutions warn them to shut down the gold dealing firm.

The latest letter from the Security and Exchanges Commission (SEC) that forced the company to close temporally has had other people coming out to make allegations of fraudulent activities including visa scams against Nana Appiah Mensah.

One name that pops up in all these allegations is William Atsu Tekpor.

Who is this mystery man William Atsu Tekpor?

William Atsu Tekpor hails from Adidome Mafi in the Volta Region of Ghana. He attended Adisadel College with Nana Appiah Mensah and both completed in 2004. William and Nana Appiah were in Knight and Elliot houses respectively.

William has a very good relationship with Nana Appiah Mensah and the two have had good working relationship since Essef Gold Limited, through Menzbanc to Menzgold and Zylofon.

Since Menzgold received a letter from SEC to stop operating, several Facebook users are making allegations against Nana Appiah Mensah. Though these allegations cannot be considered as true since people may say anything out of hatred and envy but one name that appears through all is that of William’s.

A post made by Gideon Aduku in August 2017 resurfaced on the internet. Gideon confidently made some revelations which have since not received any reactions. Gideon said that William and Nana Appiah “were deeply involved in the business of defrauding people”. According to Gideon, the two operated under the name ESSEF GOLD in 2012. Checks by reveals that truly Williams Atsu was connected to ESSEF GOLD but our checks have not yet gathered any evidence of fraudulent activities carried by the firm.

“In fact the CEO of Zylofon Nana Appiah Mensah is the Mastermind behind all this. I know for a fact that Nana Appiah Mensah and William Atsu Tekpor were deeply involved in this business of defrauding people from Visa contract promises to gold investments as far back as in 2012. I have information on their previous offices at New Weija and can tell you for fact that these guys had backing from a powerful person in the NDC(name witheld), they even had the audacity to tell some of their victims that as so far as the NDC was still in power, they would never see jail or refund their monies.” – Gideon posted on Facebook.

Another Facebook user, Kojo Stan Milano, real name Stanislav Addison, who appears to have much information about William and Nana Appiah also allegedly linked the two to Visa and Gold scams.

Kojo Stan Milano appears to be hiding behind “fake” accounts to make allegations against Nana Appiah and William. His Facebook profile has no picture of himself but managed to get hold of that of his wife and son.

Kojo Stan's Wife and Son
Kojo Stan’s Wife and Son

Where is William Atsu Tekpor?

The post from Kojo Stan may let people think that William is ‘at large’ since he mentioned that “his bench warrant is still pending at the Awutu Beraku court since 2015”. This statement casts doubt about Kojo’s post since William makes public appearances. Or is it that the Police has been ‘sorted out’?

A quick search on the internet reveals how William left the internet since December 2011 and his face is hardly known by the public.

William is still a good friend of Nana Appiah Mensah and the two are still working together. He currently serves as the Chief Operations manager for Zylofon Media.

William Atsu Tekpor

William hardly leaves the hat behind.

William Atsu Tekpor with Zylofon Cash. William is second from left and in hat.

It is not known why William has decided to stay away from social media as the last picture he shared of himself was in December 2011. It is believed that he’s locked out of his social media accounts.

The last picture he shared on Facebook and Instagram
William poses with his lovely sister Scroda Vivian Tekpor
William poses with his lovely sister Scroda Vivian Tekpor

UPDATE: Kojo Stan Milano has deleted his Facebook comment.

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