Mary Padian Biography And Earnings Per Episode

Storage Wars revolves around exploring and bidding on storage units. The members then sell the unique finds for a profit. One of the cast members that made money from the show was Mary Padian. She is an American reality television star with a passion for collecting old antiques. With the numerous endeavours that she embarks on, Mary Padian net worth has been increasing over the years.

Mary Padian is a Jill of all trades. She has been successful in several careers, which have contributed to her impressive net worth. However, she is mostly known as the Storage Wars Texas cast member. She was also part of several Storage Wars episodes. For her role in the A&E series, how much does she make per episode?


Mary Padian net worth

How much is Mary Padian worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, the estimated Padian net worth is $600,000. Storage War: Texas cast member Moe Prigroff noticed her because of her passion for vintage items.

A large portion of the money came from the show. But after the show ended, Padian went on to make money from her online upcycling business, which features items she gets as a storage hunter.

How much does Mary Padian make per episode?

The salary per episode for Storage Wars cast ranges from $15,000 to $25,000. When the show premiered in 2010, the cast was paid around $2,000 per episode. After that, however, the series became popular, and the cast salary increased. By the time Mary joined the show in 2014, its success has largely expanded, and the highest cast member was being paid $25,000 per episode.


Allegedly, Mary Padian was paid a salary of $50,000 per season and $15,000 per episode. Since Mary also had a regular appearance on the show, there’s no doubt that she earned good money, which eventually made her net worth quite high.

How does Mary Padian make her money?

A huge portion of her money comes from her American reality television career. She was part of the Storage Wars: Texas show from 2011 to 2014 and appeared in 57 episodes. When the spinoff was cancelled, Mary was invited to join the original series in its fifth season to showcase her passion for antique treasure hunting and upcycling.

In 2014, she became a regular cast member for the original Storage Wars series, where she starred in 41 episodes. The appearance in the spinoff and original series boosted Mary from Storage Wars net worth. Before appearing on the show, Padian was working as the assistant to the editor of Architectural Digest. Her qualification as a journalist helped her to get the job.


Antique store Mary’s Finds

Another lucrative way Padian makes money is through her online store called Mary Finds. The idea for the store started when she decided to create videos and post them online using the title Mary Finds. The videos showcased how she would find and buy cheap antique items and sell them at a profit.

In 2010, Padian decided to open an online shop of the same name where she treasures hunts around Texas for handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind goods and sells them online. Glassware, ceramic, art, wallpaper, and unique toys are some of the collectables available for sale in her online shop. The items can cost around $20. For instance, a midcentury book rack costs $25.

Why is Mary Padian famous?

Padian is famous for appearing on the reality television show Storage Wars: Texas. She is one of the successful antique treasure hunters to come out of the series. Using unique skills of identifying vintage items, Mary Padian from Storage Wars bid on storage units with profitable items. Over the years on the show, she found objects that equated to a lot of money.

Mary Padian net worth increased considerably after becoming a regular cast member for Storage Wars and the spinoff Storage Wars: Texas. Even after the show ended, Mary used the fame gained and platform to open an online store. With her own successful business and numerous appearances on the reality show, it’s no wonder Padian’s net worth is impressive. published an article about Storage Wars cast net worth 2021. The recurring cast members are paid good money as they are considered masters of their trade. The show involves the cast members bidding for a storage unit, and a successful bidder gets to discover if they have found any valuable items. In some cases, the items turn out to be less profitable.

Barry is one of the cast members with an impressive net worth. His wealth is estimated to be $10 million, most of which was accumulated from his role in Storage Wars. Furthermore, Barry’s passion for collecting antique items made him stand out in the show and earn the nickname The Collector. Read the post to find out who is the richest Storage Wars, cast member.

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