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Madina-Adentan footbridge: Pedestrians still jaywalking despite arrests

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Despite the arrest of 110 pedestrians at Madina Zongo junction on Wednesday for not using the completed footbridges along the Adentan-Madina highway, some still prefer to cross the busy highway without using the facility.

Citi News’ checks revealed that many pedestrians were still not deterred by the police presence on Thursday as they still risked their lives crossing the highway without using the footbridges.


Some of the pedestrians said their failure to use the footbridge was because it was too long and cross the highway was faster and more convenient for them.

Others also said they thought there would be a formal commissioning of the footbridges as with other government projects before it will be opened for use.

“They should have announced formally, the opening of the footbridges. They have not commissioned the projects so we didn’t know it has been completed and ready to be used,” one pedestrian said.


“The bridge is very long…I will still cross the road because it’s much faster for me,” another pedestrian noted.

Meanwhile, some others who were seen using the Zongo junction footbridge told Citi News’ the exercise by the police to arrest persons who jaywalk must be consistent.

Others urged the police to strictly carry out the exercise to ensure that pedestrians will be deterred from crossing the road.


“Crossing this road is very dangerous. I agree with the police. They should arrest those who cross the road,” a pedestrian said.

Another pedestrian said, “it is better to use three minutes to use the footbridge than to risk your life to cross the road. The police should enforce our regulations on the use of the footbridge.”

We’ll continue arrests

The Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) at the Madina Police Station has indicated that it will continue to arrest jaywalkers who fail to use the constructed footbridges on the Madina-Adentan highway.

The police said the exercise is necessary following the increasing cases of pedestrian knockdowns.

Two people were reportedly knocked down by vehicles in the last two weeks while they attempted to run across the road facing speeding vehicles.

One person died as a result.

Some 110 pedestrians who were arrested on Wednesday have been granted bail but the police say they will be processed for court.