Lydia Forson
Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson has mocked Sister Deborah on Twitter for dating a ‘Sakawa Boy’ or a ‘Fraudster’ who lies for a living.

Miss Forson however did not give much details about her description of the source of Medikal’s income. The actress seems to have enough evidence to back her claims that Medikal survives by lying.


Medikal is yet to respond to this allegation and what has gathered indicate that Medikal is currently in studio recording a freestyle for Lydia Forson.

In an instagram post Medikal made on Tuesday, he described Fella Makafui as very hardworking and a matured lady who teaches him something new every day. He also added in his post that, he’s being judged wrongly when people don’t know the reason why he decided to leave Sister Derby.

His story looked ‘sweet’ and he won some of the people criticising him for leaving Derby for Fella on his side, but Lydia Forson is not buying any of the lines in his ‘story of love’.


It’s no doubt that, Lydia Forson and Sister Derby are very close friends and has been on the defense of Derby since they split and even onetime suggested she could go to Medikal’s house and ’cause’ trouble if Sister Derby gave her the permission.

Lydia Forson has lashed it out on Medikal again, calling him a liar saying that, Medikal lies for a living, so his ‘love story’ is complete ‘Bullshit’.

In the tweet she wrote with an attached meme of a Cat in shock, it read;” “You can’t be with someone who woefully lies for a living and not think they won’t lie to you. Aden wa da anaa abowaa . I’m the kind of friend that will laugh with you and AT you! Siiiiiaaaaaaaaaa next time. #KakalikaLove“.


Her tweet is not only directed at Medikal but also to Sister Derby, reminding her that she dated someone who lies for a living, so what did she expect in the long run.

There have been rumours that Medikal is also a game boy (sakawa boy) and that’s where he makes majority of his money from, reason why Lydia Forson said he lies for a living, although she couldn’t prove her stance.

Sister Derby who replied to the Tweet made by her friend said: dem take do me wey I feel. ?


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